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The Launch Of A New eBook
One Image

Kyle McDougall | November 20, 2016


I’m extremely excited to announce the release of my newest eBook, and the first to be published under the Image & Rhythm brand, titled: “One Image – Shoot Less, Look Closer & Create Stronger Images”. This is a book that is based on two topics that are extremely important to me: the creative process and photographic workflows.

The idea for this book came from spending time with other photographers in the field and noticing recurring trends in the way people approach the creative process. More often than not a volume approach is taken, where a large number of images are created and then picked through while back at home to find which ones are successful. I found myself constantly teaching the same lesson—focus on creating one image and make sure that you’re making personal and purposeful decisions.


Create Your Most Meaningful Work

With the conveniences of digital photography and the desire for immediate growth, it can be easy for a lot of people to miss out on the visualization process, which leaves them creating work that lacks personality. Oftentimes, people look to new equipment, or specific techniques, with the hopes of taking their images to the next level. The truth is that technique will only get you so far. Real growth comes from developing a way of working that requires you to make decisions that compliment each other and are all based on a specific mood and story that you want to tell.

One Image was born out of my desire to help others create their own way of working that will help them create meaningful work of the highest quality possible, both technically and creatively.


Waiting For The Moment


Breaking Down The Creative Process

One Image is a 196-page eBook that will teach you how to create images that are built with intention, personality, and visual impact. It details a complete breakdown of the creative process and focuses on each step—including mindset, location scouting, composition, production, and awareness—as well as the thoughts and approaches you need to create your best images yet.

My goal with this book is to dive into the creative process, teach you to create your own photographic workflow, and help you understand why focusing on creating ONE image can help you become a better photographer. I’m super excited about this book and to share it with everyone!

You can find out more about the book here: One Image – Shoot Less, Look Closer & Create Stronger Images

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